FTLife swept four awards at the Bloomberg Businessweek / Chinese Edition Financial Institution Awards 2023

HONG KONG, Jun 21, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – FTLife Insurance Company Limited (“FTLife”) is delighted to announce that the company has swept four awards at the Bloomberg Businessweek / Chinese Edition Financial Institution Awards 2023 in recognition of its outstanding achievement in product development, talent development, and digital marketing strategies.

FTLife has swept four awards at the Bloomberg Businessweek / Chinese Edition Financial Institution Awards 2023 in recognition of its outstanding achievement in product development, talent development, and digital marketing strategies.

The four accolades received by FTLife include:
— Saving Plan – Outstanding Performance
— Health & Protection – Outstanding Performance
— Training Academy of the Year – Outstanding Performance
— Digital Marketing – Outstanding Performance

Man Kit Ip, Chief Executive Officer of FTLife, said: “FTLife is going from strength to strength as it goes on to scoop four accolades at the Bloomberg Businessweek / Chinese Edition Financial Institution Awards 2023 after winning the prestigious ‘Insurance Company of the Year’ title at the 2022 Benchmark Wealth Management Awards earlier this year. This attests to the industry-wide recognition we receive for our excellent products, professional training, and brand reputation. Moving forward, we will continue to strive to become the Life Artisans for our customers, and promote shared-value, sustainable development, and life-long protection for everyone in the community through integrating our insurance business with New World Group’s ecosystem.”

Saving Plan – Outstanding Performance
Customers are increasingly seeking flexibility and diversification in insurance products to match their evolving lifestyle. Mindful of our customers’ changing needs throughout various life stages, FTLife endeavours to fulfil the market gap by creating innovative services and products. Our award-winning Everglow 128 Insurance Plan, for example, provides a comprehensive wealth enhancement. Starting as early as the first policy anniversary, the policy will distribute a guaranteed cash coupon of up to 3% of the insured units (or total premiums)1 in every policy anniversary – all the way up to 128 years, generating a stable stream of funds for our customers to achieve their life goals. The Plan also allows unlimited changes of the insured and provides non-guaranteed annual dividend, thus providing customers with both wealth growth opportunities and effective wealth succession. The impressive range of financial needs the Plan covers has won itself the much-deserved honour of “Saving Plan – Outstanding Performance” award.

Health & Protection – Outstanding Performance
FTLife’s commitment to providing all-rounded health and medical protection has inspired the creation of our “FlexiCare” Medical Insurance Plan, which has won the “Health & Protection – Outstanding Performance” award. Providing enhanced medical protection on the top of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS), the benefit limit is subject to amount per disability per policy year, and the Plan fully covers the eligible expenses of multiple benefit items2. It also provides double aggregate limit3 offered for common major illnesses such as major cancer, stroke and heart attack, providing comprehensive support to customers and their loved ones for them to enjoy a healthy life. These benefits are also globally applicable4, providing our customers with peace of mind as they are given access to comprehensive medical insurance without geographical restrictions.

Training Academy of the Year – Outstanding Performance
FTLife Financial Talent Development Center is committed to cultivating the next generation of high-preforming agency force. It has introduced “AI Drill”, an artificial intelligence and big data-driven training tool, to provide our Life Artisans with comprehensive, personalised coaching. Greatly enhancing the effectiveness of our training, AI Drill helps our Life Artisans accelerate their career progression as they aspire to become excellent financial planning professionals. On top of AI Drill, FTLife also launched a virtual reality zone at The GalaMuse, where our Life Artisans understand a person’s potential needs for protection and wealth management in different life stages effectively, enabling them to provide the best life planning to our customers. The innovative learning experiences also provide insight into Life Artisans’ personal development, as well as their career development in the insurance industry. The seamless integration of new technologies with its well-designed training programme has won FTLife the prestigious award of “Training Academy of the Year – Outstanding Performance”.

Digital Marketing – Outstanding Performance
In Q4 2022, FTLife has launched a series of “FTLife Power Up” promotions, leveraging the diverse ecosystem of New World Group to power our customers up with enhanced protection, rewards, privileges, and experiences. Using the O2O (Online-to-Offline) Marketing, we have crafted a social media content series to attract traffic, strengthen our relationship with new customers, and increase customer stickiness. The promotion campaign has reaped excellent results, winning itself the “Digital Marketing – Outstanding Performance” award.

Coming up to its nineth year, the Financial Institution Awards are hosted annually by iconic finance magazine Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition. The judge panel, comprised of representatives from the industry, government and academia, assessed submissions from the banking, insurance and securities sectors and ranked them according to four criteria, namely market performance, growth, development, and business strategy. The prestigious event promotes best practices in the industry, and affirms Hong Kong’s status as an international financial centre.

1. Units (or total premiums) = Annual Premium (referring to annual premium payment, any other premium discounts [if any] are excluded) x premium payment period
2. Fully covered refers to no itemised benefit sublimit. The actual amount of eligible expenses and other expenses payable is subject to the aggregate limit per disability per policy year.
3. Common major illnesses include: major cancer, severe heart attack, stroke, respiratory diseases and any disease declared as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern
4. Except for psychiatric treatments and cash benefit for room and board confinement below entitled ward class in a private hospital in Hong Kong (if applicable), all benefits shall be applicable worldwide

Disclosure of Important Information:
— This press release does not contain the full provisions of Everglow 128 Insurance Plan and “FlexiCare” Medical Insurance Plan, and the full terms can be found in the Policy documents. Everglow 128 Insurance Plan and “FlexiCare” Medical Insurance Plan may be purchased as standalone plan(s) without bundling with other type(s) of insurance product. You are required to read the relevant product brochure, the Policy Provisions and the illustrations presented by your licensed insurance intermediary in order to fully understand the details of the definitions, charges, product features, exclusions, and conditions of payment of claims, etc. plus complete terms and conditions.
— For details of the product brochure of Everglow 128 Insurance Plan, please visit https://www.ftlife.com.hk/pdf/en/products/life-insurance/savings/everglow-128-insurance-plan-brochure.pdf
— For details of the product brochure of “FlexiCare” Medical Insurance Plan, please visit https://www.ftlife.com.hk/pdf/en/products/life-insurance/health/FlexiCare-Product-Brochure.pdf
— For further enquiries, please contact FTLife’s Customer Service Hotline on +852 2866 8898.
— This press release is for distribution in Hong Kong only. It is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Hong Kong. FTLife does not offer or sell any insurance product in any jurisdiction outside Hong Kong, in which such offering or sales of the insurance product is illegal under the laws of such jurisdictions.

About FTLife Insurance Company Limited
FTLife Insurance Company Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability; “FTLife”) is one of the most well-established life insurance companies in Hong Kong and a wholly-owned subsidiary of NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 0659). Building on a history of more than 30 years in the territory, FTLife provides individual and institutional clients with a diverse range of insurance and wealth management products and services, including life, health, accident, savings and investment insurance. As a member of New World Group, FTLife works with diversified businesses within the Group to create synergies and provides customers with best-in-class life-planning solutions, from wealth management and succession to health, wellbeing and quality of life enhancement.

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