Rollux, a Novel EVM Layer-2 Backed by Bitcoin, Goes Live

DUBAI, Jun 28, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – SYS Labs, a Web3 product suite powered by Syscoin, has announced the launch of Rollux, an innovative EVM Layer-2 solution. Rollux is designed to optimize the performance of Ethereum network applications by harnessing the strength of Bitcoin, presenting a unique approach to scaling Ethereum that distinguishes SYS Labs from its competitors.

Rollux is the inaugural product in a line of advanced solutions introduced by SYS Labs. As part of a comprehensive ecosystem, it leverages the capabilities of SuperDapp, an AI-enhanced Web3 social platform, complete with essential chat features, a built-in non-custodial wallet for seamless asset management, and tailored versions for both mobile and web platforms. This integration of AI and blockchain technologies, fortified with end-to-end encryption, signifies a considerable leap in the evolution of the industry.

The ecosystem also incorporates Pegasys DeFi exchange and AMM, Luxy NFT Platform, Pali Wallet (web & mobile), DAOSYS, and Camada, a noncustodial, regulatory-compliant crypto trading platform to accelerate mainstream investments and self-custody. In a strategic move, SYS Labs has formed alliances with multiple teams also launching their products on Rollux, further driving the development of a robust ecosystem that aligns closely with the Ethereum mainnet.

Jagdeep Sidhu, CEO of SYS Labs, articulated the profound implications of Rollux, asserting, “Rollux is the embodiment of our shared vision and unwavering commitment. We’re delivering on our promise of speed, decentralization, security, affordability, and scalability – the core pillars of blockchain technology that we always believed were vital for fostering mass adoption.”

Rollux sets a new industry standard as the highest-performing EVM-rollup solution, offering unparalleled speed, scalability, and affordability. It provides the fastest speeds, highest throughput at scale, and the most affordable user experience with the lowest transaction fees, all while maintaining high levels of decentralization and security through merged mining with Bitcoin – the only major rollup to implement this strategy.

The introduction of Rollux is a monumental event for the broader blockchain industry. It addresses the enduring blockchain trilemma, fueling optimism for the future and facilitating mass adoption while upholding the fundamental principles that originally imbued blockchain with value.

About Rollux

Built by SYS Labs, powered by Syscoin, and fueled by its utility token, $SYS. Rollux is an EVM-equivalent optimistic rollup that inherits the security of Bitcoin’s mining network and Syscoin’s Layer 1 finality and data availability. Rollux functions as Syscoin’s Layer 2 to help provide the unprecedented scalability necessary for an exponential increase of potential use cases, and sets the stage for realizing mass adoption. Rollux offers what no one else does: unmitigated security, speed, decentralization, and affordability.

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About SYS Labs

SYS Labs is a unicorn of unicorns, building the fundamental layers of true Web3, and connecting users, dApps, and assets to create seamless flows between ecosystems. SYS Labs creates the infrastructure, dApps, and tools necessary to meet the needs and desires of a global population, all backed by Bitcoin’s security and enhanced by Syscoin’s finality and groundbreaking L1 data availability solution, PoDA.

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