Wilstech Launches No-Code Mobile Application Platform eMOBIQ(R), Enables Greater SME, MSME and Entrepreneur Digital Economy Participation

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 21, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Wilstech Sdn Bhd (“Wilstech” or the “Company”), a leading one-stop Information Technology (“IT”) solutions provider in Malaysia, today launched eMOBIQ(R), a leading no-code rapid mobile application development platform (RMAD). The launch of the platform, in conjunction with the Company’s 5-year Anniversary, aims to accelerate the rapid adoption and immersion of local talent and businesses, particularly, entrepreneurs, micro small-to-medium sized enterprises (“MSMEs”), and small-to-medium sized (“SMEs”) in developing applications on the no-code platform. By doing so, these enterprises will be able to fast-track their digitalisation process to catalyse business growth in a faster, smarter, affordable and secure manner.

CT Shum, CEO of GMT, Wilson Low, Founder & CEO of Wilstech Sdn Bhd, Ernie Tan, Co-Founder & COO
of Wilstech Sdn Bhd, Muhammad Shaamel, Vice President of OrangeKloud [L-R]

The launch was officiated by Yang Berhormat (“YB”) Datuk Ewon Benedick, Minister of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development (“MECD”), and witnessed by co-organiser Givemetext (“GMT”) and IT partner OrangeKloud Ptd. Ltd.

The launch of eMOBIQ(R) and the eMOBIQ(R) Challenge is in line with the Government of Malaysia’s goal to be a digitally inclusive nation. For the nation to succeed, cross-industry collaboration and government policies, from the Twelfth Malaysia Plan, MyDIGITAL, to Industry4WRD, amongst others, would need to go hand in hand to facilitate growth, development, and creating a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Malaysia. From public-private partnerships, industry and education initiatives, such as eMOBIQ(R) Challenge, to cross-industry collaborations with entrepreneurs, MSMEs to SMEs, a collaborative will be part of the nation’s strong foundations for a digitally resilient and proficient Malaysia. Talent development is and will continue to be the backbone of the nation and economy, and creating this pathway that bridges higher education to a high-technology workforce will benefit our local businesses and rakyat.

Wilson Low, Chief Executive Officer of Wilstech said, “Malaysia has made significant progress in digitalising our economy, education, business and infrastructure. There is an urgent need for businesses and communities to accelerate their digitalisation to be competitive and capture opportunities in an increasingly volatile and challenging business environment. Against this backdrop, the launch of eMOBIQ(R) is timely as we look to collaborate with stakeholders in government, businesses and communities to encourage Malaysia’s business ecosystem, especially entrepreneurs, MSMEs and SMEs, to take action and embark on their digital transformation now. Through this platform, we hope to support the nation’s goal of offering greater digital inclusivity and access by equipping Malaysians and our local businesses with the digital knowledge, tools, and platform to fuel future growth.”

Ernie Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Wilstech added, “Technology is dynamic and rapidly evolving. Access to curated and cutting-edge technologies and platforms will enable our current and future workforce to prepare, adapt and cater to the digitalisation needs of businesses. The launch of eMOBIQ(R) and the eMOBIQ(R) Challenge 2023 today is the testament to our commitment to provide access to new and affordable tools, platforms and technologies for individuals grow their potential, upskill, and improve their proficiencies.”

The world is changing swiftly, driven by shocks and uncertainty surrounding trade tensions, economic growth, health, regulations, and geopolitical fractures. At the same time, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), empowered by technology, has brought about change that impacts everything from efficiency, speed, diversification of products, to job opportunities – transforming and overhauling the way businesses and communities operate in general. Given the context, accelerating the digital economy will be key to enabling society to participate in and capitalise on opportunities in this advanced and ever-evolving environment. IT will enable seamless connectivity, which will generate new scientific research and breakthroughs, job opportunities, economic growth, and improve lives. Together, technology and digitalisation will help solve intricate and sophisticated problems, whilst big data will assist us in complex decision-making[1].

The digital economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Malaysia, contributing 22.6% to Malaysia’s GDP and is expected to rise to 25.5% by 2025[2]. The key digital technologies include robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud technology, blockchain, financial technology, and cybersecurity. Through high-tech end-to-end solutions such as eMOBIQ(R), Wilstech will leverage its experience, expertise, network and technology to guide and assist enterprises and individuals to accelerate digitalisation to remain competitive and capitalise on opportunities brought about by the digital economy.

In conjunction with the launch of eMOBIQ(R) and the Company’s 5-Year anniversary milestone, Wilstech also launched the eMOBIQ(R) Challenge 2023, the country’s inaugural and largest no-coding app development competition. The first of its kind in Malaysia, the competition is open to all higher learning institutions nationwide, with the goal of catalysing a faster and wider adoption of digital adoption by building and uplifting the overall digital talent pipeline.

[1] World Economic Forum: Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils
[2] International Trade Administration – Malaysia Digital Economy

The eMOBIQ(R) Challenge has seen the sign-up and participation of 127 teams across 24 local universities, where they were put through the challenge of developing the most practical, innovative, and impactful mobile application via the eMOBIQ(R) platform. With a prize money of a total of RM300,000 prize pool, contestants were given two (2) months to complete their application designs which would be evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of industry professionals and entrepreneurs. The competition will be assessed based on creativity, practicality, impact on business, and presentation; as well as by popularity vote count on social media.

The eMOBIQ(R) Challenge has been recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records for three (3) categories: The most participating teams in a no-code app-building competition in Malaysia; the most higher learning institutions participating in a no-code app-building competition in Malaysia; and the highest prize money in a no-code app-building competition.

About Wilstech

Established in 2018, Wilstech specialises in business digitalisation services providing a complete spectrum of offerings aimed at empowering local businesses and SMEs to digitalise effectively and cost-efficiently – particularly during the current market environment. Wilstech’s core services include software and mobile app development; web solutions; infrastructure and workstation solutions; HR, accounting and CRM solutions as well as a series of other added services. For more information please visit: https://wilstech.com/ and https://emobiq.io/

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