Toyota Launches All-New Alphard and Vellfire

Toyota City, Japan, Jun 21, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced today that it commenced sales of the all-new Alphard and Vellfire gasoline and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) versions. They were launched on June 21, and to further contribute toward carbon neutrality, we also plan to introduce plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) in the future.

Toyota launched the Alphard in 2002 during a wave of minivan popularity; positioned as the ultimate Toyota minivan, it was targeted at customers who appreciated luxury. When the second-generation Alphard was released in 2008, the company developed the Vellfire as a new model for customers seeking greater individuality. In 2015, the third-generation Alphard saw the adoption of a new double wishbone rear suspension for exquisite ride comfort, as well as the introduction of a new top-tier Executive Lounge grade. By seeking even greater luxury, Toyota succeeded in transforming the Alphard and Vellfire from minivans into ultra-spacious luxury saloons with greater customer appeal.

When designing the improved fourth-generation models, the development team discussed the value they wished the Alphard and Vellfire to offer. The conclusion it reached was to use these vehicles to create spaces where all passengers could share consideration and appreciation. They named this “the joy of comfortable mobility” and moved forward with development by adding this with the values they had inherited.

In pursuit of that “joy of comfortable mobility,” the fourth-generation Alphard and Vellfire have a platform developed anew around the idea of elevating performance to a world standard. As “luxury saloons,” the new Alphard and Vellfire have been improved in terms of basic performance, such as vibration and noise reduction measures, fuel economy, and driving dynamics, while the interior and exterior design, spacious interior and exterior space, and user-friendliness have been enhanced to add value in line with that development concept.

The development team also worked to differentiate more clearly between the Alphard and Vellfire. The Vellfire was assigned an exclusive new Z Premier grade, whose primarily black equipment and aggressive demeanor were imbued with a new sophistication to further underscore its unique exterior. The all-new Vellfire features special tuning to its suspension and an exclusive powertrain unit to enable customers attracted by the uniqueness of the Vellfire to better experience the joy of driving.

The chief features of the Alphard, a classic minivan that has evolved into a world-class ultra-spacious luxury saloon, and the Vellfire, a unique model that caters to exclusive customer preferences, are outlined on this link:

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