B2Broker Rolls Out B2Prop: An End-to-End Solution for Proprietary Trading Firms

New York, NY – July 10, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – The financial markets are seeing a growing trend towards proprietary trading, or “prop trading.” What was once a narrow sector, prop trading accounted for USD 6.7 billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow at 4.2% CAGR between 2021 and 2028. The spike in interest is evident, given that the number of searches for “prop firm” has seen an astounding increase of 8,409% from January 2020 through March 2024.

In keeping with the growing demand for prop trading among traders and the associated need for tailor-made software solutions among brokers, B2Broker is excited to unveil the B2Prop turnkey solution intended to aid businesses in establishing and escalating their proprietary trading firms from the outset.

A Closer Look at B2Prop

Catering to diverse businesses, B2Prop is an advanced challenge-based solution platform serving prop trading firms, crypto and FX brokers, and multi-asset brokerage houses. It offers a fresh avenue for these players to diversify their product offerings and reach a wider audience. B2Prop is built on the bedrock of industry best practices, focusing closely on client’s needs.

B2Prop helps to formulate customised trading challenges based on specific indicators such as profit margins, risk boundaries, and performance standards. These can be multi-tiered challenges supporting multiple currencies. Notably, B2Prop’s pricing structure imposes no additional costs for the number of challenges, accounts, or steps.

Successful challengers are allowed access to funded accounts and enjoy enticing profit-sharing arrangements, typically retaining between 70-80% of their respective trading profits.

Interoperability is a key feature of B2Prop as it can effectively integrate with leading industry trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, and has plans to incorporate B2Trader, TradeLocker, and more in the pipeline. Furthermore, its powerful dashboards allow businesses to keep tabs on trader activities from registration to funded accounts, ensuring alignment with customer requirements and the effectiveness of the solution.

Diverse Income Channels for Enterprises

B2Prop offers companies an array of opportunities to generate income:

  • l Participation Fees

Revenue generation is possible through levying fees from traders who partake in the proprietary trading challenges. If traders do not meet the challenge requirements, they often make at least three attempts to buy and overcome the challenge, thereby increasing the company’s revenue.

  • l Profit Partition

Only the best traders who cross the hurdle of challenges gain entry into funded accounts. The company sponsors these accounts and keeps a portion of the profits earned via the traders’ activities. This percentage generally oscillates between 20% and 50%.

  • l Adjustable Trading Conditions

Companies have the power to customise trading conditions, such as commissions, to their advantage. By enforcing higher commissions, the profits on trader accounts funded by the companies drop, leading to lesser payouts that the company has to shell out, but at the same time, it profits from the remaining amount.

  • l Replicating Winning Strategies

B2Prop is seamlessly integrated with B2Broker’s strong copy trading platform, B2Copy. The company can choose to replicate successful trading strategies in their own accounts, as the restrictions on trader accounts’ funding can be adaptable. Consequently, the company can mint extra profits without compensating the traders.

Integrated Turnkey Solution: Everything Required to Launch a Proprietary Trading Firm

B2Broker’s B2Prop Turnkey package is a full-fledged solution designed for businesses intending to build a successful proprietary trading firm.

At the heart of this package lies the B2Core CRM, wherein traders register, take prop trading challenges, monitor their status, and process payments. It also promotes business growth via integrations with payment services, KYC solutions, introducing broker platforms, amongst others.

Another integral part of the package is the white-label cTrader platform, custom-built for prop trading firms. It merges cTrader’s sophisticated features and wide-ranging usability with a business-friendly, cost-effective deployment model. Moreover, B2Prop can be seamlessly integrated with MT4 and MT5 servers if the business holds the licence.

The package is also bundled with B2BinPay, B2Broker’s blockchain platform. B2BinPay manages cryptocurrency payments and facilitates clients to load their accounts using an array of coins and stablecoins on 8 blockchain networks. With funded accounts, clients can buy trading challenges, potentially attracting a wider variety of traders due to the flexible payment options.

Also included in the package is B2Copy, a copy trading platform. It allows firms to emulate the strategies of successfully funded traders directly into their accounts, translating into additional profits without incurring costs for those traders.

Finally, the B2Prop turnkey package offers clear pricing with three varied monthly plans:

Implementing Trading Challenges Through B2Prop Using B2Core Infrastructure

B2Broker has successfully combined B2Prop with the B2Core platform. Administrators can tap into the Prop Trading feature within the Investment Platform menu of the admin panel. This section houses the Challenges List page, allowing admins to create new prop trading challenges and control ongoing ones.

When creating a new prop trading challenge, administrators first decide on a relevant name, furnish a description, and upload a captivating image to represent the challenge on the user interface.

Subsequently, they establish the structure of the challenge by outlining the plans, steps, initial account settings, and key performance metrics, namely, the minimum number of trading days, the uppermost loss limits, and the profit aims. Additionally, they set the fee amount and currency, the trading account amount and currency. Administrators can also lay down disqualification parameters for participants who cross the daily loss threshold.

After the challenges have been crafted, the status of participant progress can be tracked using the admin panel. It displays a log of active and historical accounts along with their current challenge status, whether initiated, successfully conducted, or unable to be completed. Once the challenge has been successfully undertaken, administrators can label accounts and generate funded accounts for these participants.

On the user interface, traders can skim through a myriad of available challenges, each enriched with images and key descriptors. Choosing a suitable challenge becomes a breeze with a single-click option, which also allows traders to pay the joining fee from their wallets if necessary.

Traders can monitor vital metrics such as equity, maximum drawdown, and the number of trades during their progression through the challenge. The platform provides daily trading summaries that encapsulate P&L and volume details.

Participants are updated through email notifications at the end of each challenge, alongside intricate details of their prop trading account. Moreover, traders can inspect their previous challenges, complete with in-depth results and specific account trading data.

Redefining Prop Trading Technology

B2Broker is making waves in the FinTech industry with its progressive technology and liquidity solutions. Its recent release, B2Prop, expands its product lineup and offers a simplified approach to the onset of proprietary trading activities for brokers and exchanges.

B2Broker invites clients to explore B2Prop’s capabilities by testing its demo version. The team behind the solution is devoted to refining its services, with numerous developments currently underway.

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