SEAPRwire Offers Press Release Packages for Global DeFi/NFT Companies to Raise Brand Awareness in Hong Kong and Greater China

Singapore, June 25, 2023 -SEAPRwire (, a leading global provider of press release distribution services, announced the launch of tailored press release distribution programs for decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) companies worldwide to strengthen their brand visibility in Hong Kong and mainland China. The packages leverage SEAPRwire’s extensive media relationships and expertise promoting technology brands across Asia to help DeFi and NFT startups debut their services to new audiences, reach influential media and journalists, and build thought leadership.

“DeFi and NFT are two of the fastest-growing sectors in the global blockchain industry, but many international companies struggle to tap into opportunities in Hong Kong and China due to cultural and linguistic barriers,” said Yaqin Tan, Chief Operating Officer of SEAPRwire. “Our press release solutions open the door for global DeFi and NFT brands to access mainstream and industry-specific media in Hong Kong and mainland China through multilingual distribution and culturally-sensitive messaging.”

SEAPRwire’s press release distribution programs offer packages with different levels of distribution and media targeting based on companies’ needs and budgets. Packages include translating press releases into Chinese and English, distributing to top-tier media in finance, business, and technology in Hong Kong and China, report on media pickup and online engagement, and helping brands optimize content and targeting for future announcements. Brands can also book additional services such as press release writing, media monitoring, and influencer outreach.

“Taking a localized approach is key to succeeding in China’s decentralized finance and digital asset markets,” Tan said. “SEAPRwire has spent over a decade helping international companies tailor their communications for Hong Kong and Chinese audiences. We provide global DeFi and NFT startups the expertise to craft impactful press releases, match them with relevant media channels, and build momentum through ongoing PR and media programs.”

Founded in 2009, SEAPRwire has served over 5,000 companies and worked with blockchain and fintech clients across the world. SEAPRwire aims to empower startups at any stage or budget with the resources they need to gain visibility and traction in Hong Kong, China and beyond through affordable and customizable media solutions. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong with operations in Singapore, Japan, US and UK.

SEAPRwire monitors media trends and policy changes across Asia to help clients navigate complex markets. As interest in cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFT surges in China and Hong Kong, SEAPRwire’s press release programs include guidance on discussing these topics for regional audiences and in a regulatory compliant manner. Brands can leverage SEAPRwire’s local expertise to avoid potential issues in their messaging and outreach.

The press release packages also provide the opportunity for DeFi and NFT startups to collaborate with influencers and thought leaders, raising the visibility and credibility of their projects. SEAPRwire maintains relationships with bloggers, journalists, and analysts covering blockchain and finance technology in China and Hong Kong. The company can organize exclusive interviews, contribute articles, and other influencer activities to support companies’ PR campaigns and content marketing.

“It’s an exciting time for the global decentralized finance and digital asset sectors, but it’s also challenging for companies to navigate the nuances of different markets,” Tan said. “SEAPRwire aims to empower startups with cost-effective solutions to grow their brand presence in Hong Kong and China, two major hubs for crypto and finance. Our press release packages open valuable opportunities for global brands to tap into new audiences, engage key influencers, and shape important conversations about the future of DeFi and blockchain.”

The announcement of SEAPRwire’s press release programs for DeFi and NFT companies comes amid strong interest in cryptocurrencies in Asia and as brands look to raise visibility ahead of major conferences Branded will be attending the upcoming TOKEN2049 event in Hong Kong. SEAPRwire is offering special promotional rates for press release distribution and influencer outreach packages tailored to the event.

Companies interested in SEAPRwire’s press release solutions for Hong Kong and China can contact the team at for package details and quotes. SEAPRwire aims to empower visionary startups in frontier technologies with the tools to reach their next milestones.

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