Data-Driven Platform Set to Shake Up Commercial Property Listings

My Broker Oneis Setting the Global Standard: is changing the Commercial Real Estate Listings Landscape

New York, NY – 28/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Today, My Broker One ( unveils its disruptive solutions for commercial real estate listings.

My Broker One is setting new standards in the world of commercial real estate listings with the launch of its innovative platform, This pioneering website provides an unprecedented level of insight and efficiency for those looking to buy, sell or lease commercial properties.

At the heart of is its groundbreaking integration of computational analysis and real-time data to deliver up-to-the-minute valuations on listings. This helps brokers accurately price properties while giving buyers confidence they are seeing a true reflection of a property’s worth.

“Traditionally, commercial real estate valuations have been something of a black art,” said David Ronald, COO of Broker One. “They depend enormously on the experience and subjective judgement of the individual doing the assessment. With, we’ve brought data-driven objectivity to the equation.”

The platform draws on a vast array of factors impacting value – from local market conditions and comparable sales to interest rates and zoning regulations. Advanced algorithms crunch the numbers to determine pricing and enable users to customize valuations based on their unique needs.

The resulting insights allow sellers to maximize returns by listing at the optimal value point. For buyers, it provides assurance that’s asking prices are backed by hard data. This prevents overpaying and facilitates negotiations.  

“It’s a total transformation of how commercial real estate valuations have been done for decades,” Ronald said. “We are removing all the uncertainty from pricing. Both buyers and sellers now have a crystal clear view of exactly what a property is worth.”

But facilitated valuations are just one way is disrupting the industry. The site also streamlines every aspect of transactions from listings to closings. Its intuitive interface lets visitors search properties based on customized criteria. Listing pages offer detailed information on listings plus options to schedule showings, make offers or consult with Broker One agents.  

The company describes its approach as full service, fully integrated commercial real estate. Industry insiders have called it a bold leap forward and game changer for connecting buyers and sellers.  

“We are using technology to provide simpler, smarter and more transparent commercial real estate transactions,” Ronald said. “It’s a win for all parties and takes so much stress and uncertainty out of what has traditionally been a complex process.”

The launch of promises to accelerate the tech-driven transformation of real estate. Broker One is already emerging as an innovator leading the charge. For commercial listings and sales, the new site looks set to become the platform of choice for those wanting to capitalize on its unmatched valuations, inventory and service.

About Broker One

My Broker One uses computational analysis to provide the most up to date property values helping our agents price the property right and sell it in record time with our 10 step marketing plan. The team is always ready and waiting to assist clients with any real estate needs.

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