Refik Anadol Headlines ‘In Resonance’ at Scorpios Curated by HOFA Gallery

The Encounters ‘In Resonance’ program is an unprecedented cultural initiative showcasing leading generative artists and musicians. It presents curated art installations, bespoke music compositions, live performances, and exclusive digital art drops at Scorpios, Mykonos (13 July – 3 September). Renowned artist Refik Anadol will launch an artwork collaboration with Brazil’s Yawanawa Indigenous communities of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperanca, donating his full share of the collection’s sales directly to the Yawanawa community.

LONDON, June 23, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Art and tech pioneers HOFA and Scorpios, the renowned Mykonos-based creative gathering place, partner for ‘In Resonance’, an exploratory art, music and culture program showcasing the interplay between contemporary art and music.

‘In Resonance’ is the inaugural edition of Scorpios Encounters, a newly launched platform for cultural experimentation, which will run during peak summer from 13 July until 3 September 2023. For 7 weeks, the eminently well-curated program will feature captivating installations by prominent generative artists, high-profile music collaborations, live musical performances, and exclusive digital art drops.

HOFA Co-founder Elio D’Anna explains, “In Resonance is a multidisciplinary program which brings leading AI artists and renowned musicians together to explore the profound connections between art and music as reflections, complements and natural evolutions of each other.”

Headlining ‘In Resonance’ is the phenomenal Turkish-American media artist and director Refik Anadol. Renowned for his mesmerising immersive and interactive works, Anadol’s creative endeavours have achieved global acclaim with digital collectible sales exceeding $30 million, amid notable collaborations with esteemed institutions like Sotheby’s Hong Kong and MOMA New York.

At Scorpios, Anadol will unveil his latest collection of artworks, co-created with the Yawanawa Indigenous communities of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperanca from Brazil (13 – 14 July) to reflect the dynamic interrelationship between Yawanawa culture and the Brazilian Amazon. Facilitated by Impact One as part of their “Possible Futures” program, this collaboration will explore the deep connections between human consciousness and nature with Anadol and Impact One donating their share of proceeds towards funding long-term initiatives for the protection of Yawanawa heritage.

Also headlining ‘In Resonance’ is trailblazing female AI artist Dr. Ivona Tau, renowned for her experimental photography and motion paintings created using GAN models trained on rich photographic data. Tau’s new works, developed in collaboration with Jean Claude Ades, maestro of eclectic dancefloor rhythms, is based on light data collected in the island of Delos and is billed to go live during the second set (23 – 24 July) of the summer-long program.

French biological generative artist and musician Agoria will also present a new artwork created through the algorithmic fusion of sunset data captured at Scorpios, Mykonos (24 – 25 Aug), while New Zealander Jesse Woolston will release new AI artworks created around the theme of knowledge, spiritual beliefs and the power of AI in the fight against climate change (31 Aug – 1 Sept).

Other feature artists and musicians include Hugo Johnson, the hypnotic visual storyteller, who alongside Bedouin, known for their Middle Eastern and Western sound fusions, will present their collaborative masterpiece, Zorba, which reimagines extreme weather phenomena using geographic data.

Australian light sculptor Jason Sims, in collaboration with musical protege of meditative soundscapes Satori, will immerse viewers in a light-mediated exploration of natural systems (10 – 11 August), while the pioneering Azeri new media artist Orkhan, along with the music director of Scorpios Mykonos Lannka, will present a new work in the Relic series exploring eastern cultural heritage and tapestries through physical data sculptures and paintings (4 – 5 August).

Scorpios Co-Founder and President, Thomas Heyne, believes the new program will resonate with Scorpios’ growing community. He says, “Charting new creative territory is what we do at Scorpios and our vision for ‘In Resonance’ is to create a more multidimensional and fulfilling experience for artists and our community.”


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